October 4, 2015

Harold Palin Memorial Rally


It’s fair to say this event┬ádidn’t go to plan. We were very happy to be on the fringe of the top 20 after SS2 and then it all went down hill half a mile into SS3.

Gary had obviously thought it was time to push on and on leaving the braking late on a particularly loose bit we ended up running 100m along a ditch with a concrete edge. After we got recovered we found we had bent the sumpguard and wishbone and broken the engine mount.

An impromptu repair was made using a ratchet strap to keep the engine in place and we got back out for the last 4 stages of the day. Despite going fairly steady we set some reasonable times but more importantly got some milage and experience under our belts.

Happy enough in the end, we had a laugh and learned a bit more about the car.