August 9, 2016

Tranwell PCA


Saturday the 16th of July saw the first summer running of Whickham and District Motor Club’s Tranwell PCA. Normally this event is organised and ran by us, however on this occasion some other club members had offered to organise so we jumped at the opportunity to have a go ourselves.

As the venue is a loose surface we decided to raise the car up an inch from its usual tarmac setting and also put a set of gravel tyres on the car for some extra traction. Since the last report the car also now has a Gripper LSD which would help control wheelspin on the gravel.

We had double entered the event which gave Phil the chance to drive and Gary the chance to navigate, Gary being more out of his comfort zone there, not being the most comfortable of passengers.

Gary drove the first 2 tests before hopping in to the navigators seat to guide Phil round. Immediately we could see that both of our times were amongst the sharp end of the leader board and the stage was set for some fierce competition between us and a handful of other crews, trading seconds all day long.

The car was running perfectly up until the last test when, with Gary driving, the offside driveshaft snapped which resulted in limping to the finish line and back to the service area to try and get it fixing in time for Phil’s last runs. Gary didn’t get a chance to set a time on the final test due to this but luckily because of the way a PCA works (only the best time of 2 runs counts towards the final time), he didn’t really lose out.

The shaft was replaced just in time for Phil to be the last car to start the final 2 tests, and it was a good job too. Going in to these tests Phil trailed young Karl Knox by 3 seconds, but set some good final times and snatched the place from Karl by 1 second.

At the end of the day Phil finished 4th overall and Gary 2nd overall, only 4 seconds behind the winner Archie Simmonds. A great day out for the car and team, we collected first FWD car awards and also 2nd overall crew awards, as well as being the highest placed Whickham crew on the event.

A big thanks to the Knox’s for organising the event and allowing us an opportunity to compete.